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May 2011Report


                The demonstrator for the May meeting of the  East Preston Floral Club was Pam Lee.

                Pam’s title for her demonstration was “Woodn’t it be Lovely”.  This was the theme for

                her  demonstration using wood in various ways in each arrangement.


Her first arrangement was around a very interesting piece of driftwood that had candle cups fitted to it.  Pam used beautiful white Lillies and green  Spray Chrysanthemums with manipulated brown Formium leaves to complement the wood, she completed the design with pale green candles.


The second design was a simple but stunning arrangement using a container covered in natural coloured Ting Ting, (a thin wooden straight cane that has been curled at the end).  A bunch of Ting Ting was used to give height to the design which she completed with   dazzling Cherry brandy Roses arranged down and around the stems of the Ting Ting.


Pam’s next design was another tall arrangement in a wooden trunk of tree fern.   Pam had woven pink ribbon through Fermium leaves, these added great interest to the design of pink Gerberas and bright pink Anthuriums.


The next arrangement was a complete contrast to the previous bold design, being a very dainty arrangement of delicate garden flowers and foliage and Singapore Orchids.  She then placed it behind a wooden picture frame making a charming picture.


The fifth design was in a woven wooden box that she filled with edible herbs, vegetables and fruit designed in a continental style.


Pam’s final design had three placements arranged on three shelves that had been fixed to an interesting hollow wooden stump.    She used bright yellow Sun Flowers with large purple Alliums for a beautiful natural finale.


The results of the May Competition “Nature’s Sculpture”.


Novice class:                1st            Julie Brockhurst

                                    2nd         Sheila Heather


Intermediate class       1st            Enid Oddell


Advanced class           1stequal  Ann Jarvis and Pamela Parr



The next meeting is Wednesday June 1st at the East Preston Conservative Hall at 7.30pm with a demonstration by Bob Tunks entitled “Surprise, Surprise” visitors welcome.