1. TITLE

                                             The club shall be known as  EAST PRESTON FLORAL CLUB


                                         2. AIMS AND FUNCTIONS

                                            i  To stimulate and encourage interest in the art of flower arranging, floristry and other related
                                            ii To organise demonstrations, lectures, visits, instructional classes and any other related             

                                            iii To hold not less than ten meetings per year.


                                          3. MEMBERSHIP

                                             i Membership of the club shall be open to everyone on payment of the annual subscription fee.

                                             ii Membership shall terminate when a member's annual subscription is unpaid for three months
                                                  after becoming due.


                                          4. MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION

                                              i The Club will be managed by the Committee.

                                              ii The Committee will consist of a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of twelve (12) Club
                                              iii The Committee Members will be elected for a period of one year, but may be  re-elected at
                                                  the Club’s  Annual General Meeting (AGM).

iv   The Committee will appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer at the first committee meeting following

      the AGM. 

The committee shall be empowered to:-

v     Co-opt members on to the committee

vi    Appoint sub committees

vii   Organise such events or business as shall be in accordance with the objects of the club.

viii  The committee shall investigate and deal with any complaints made by members of the club which are

      made in writing to either the Chairman or Secretary.

ix   The quorum of the committee shall consist of one half plus one of the current committee..

x   The AGM will be held on the first Wednesday in February.  Club members will be given a minimum of 31

     days notice. The quorum of an AGM shall consist of one half plus one of the current membership.

xi  Any amendments to the constitution will be made at the AGM or a Special General meeting and club

    members will be given a minimum of 31 days notice.



i   The Treasurer will be responsible for the receiving and paying of all monies, for keeping clear and

    accurate financial accounts, and for the Club’s bank account.

ii  The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall be authorised to jointly sign cheques.  Any two may sign in

    accordance with the bank mandate.

iii The Financial year will run from 1st January to 31st December

iv  A copy of the financial statement will be available to every member of the club at the AGM..



 The annual subscription, visitors and all other fees will be determined by the Committee and presented for approval by members at the AGM.



 The Club shall be affiliated to the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) and  the Sussex Area Association of NAFAS, and, additionally, to such Horticultural and Cultural bodies as are deemed desirable by the Committee.



Any decision to dissolve the Club should be presented by the committee to the members at either the AGM or a Special General Meeting.  In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, any surplus assets, after the satisfactory   closing of accounts, shall go to the Sussex Kidney Trust.


Proposed by June Savory, Seconded by Margaret Moores, passed by the entire membership present at the 2017 AGM and signed by Sheila Cheal (Chairman) on 1st February 2017